05 // High Productivity at the GW Production Level

Currently the biggest production units, ranging in capacity from 100 to 1,000 MWp/a, are located in Germany and in Japan. These are operated at high yields well beyond 90 % over the whole value chain. At present, the total world-wide CIGS production capacity is about 2 GWp/a. Although companies use different fabrication methods, all of them show excellent results, demonstrating that CIGS production technology has reached the first stage of industrial maturity. Even when using non-abundant elements like indium, a supply limitation is not expected below a production volume of 100 GWp/a. The latter is due to continuous reduction of the amounts of indium needed in combination with progress in recycling. Nevertheless, further cost reduction potential is expected to be exploited within the next decade if supported by continued, effective R&D activities.