05 // Conclusion

The energy system of the future will undoubtedly look very different to that of today. Efficient and proven PV technologies will be needed to fulfill solar’s role as one of the pillars of a carbon-constrained global economy.

Given this pressing need, successful PV technologies will have to be widely applicable and cost effective in traditional rooftop and ground-mounted PV applications, as well as in the built environment, as they are integrated into public and private mobility solutions. The required production processes will have to be scalable, with low material consumption, and be suitable for high value recycling at end of life.

CIGS is ideally positioned to meet these needs today, with its role in doing so set to grow in the future.

Annual global production: CIGS thin film modules
Annual global production: CIGS thin film modules (Source: Fraunhofer ISE / Navigant / IHS Markit)

Momentum is building behind CIGS technology, with new developments
demonstrating its inherent advantages alongside innovative new applications.

A window of opportunity presents itself for investment in CIGS technology today to fulfill the needs of the carbon constrained global economy of tomorrow!